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The Gray family and our tireless mob of supporters are committed to helping our local families and friends cope with the impact of cancer. We have all watched someone we love fight cancer, and we have been inspired by their courage. Hope is what drives us.

In 2014, we held the "Inaugural" race and here's what we said: "Racing is extremely popular in northern Michigan. Bringing together this passion for racing and our passion to fight cancer and help the families we are sure this fun two days of racing will be a big hit! So much so that we'll have to make it an annual event!" What started as an idea and drawing sketched on a piece of paper in 2014 turned into a marquee event that has raised thousands of dollars for area charities.

The Hot Shoe 100 Provides Hope

"Hope is our Driver"

October 28, 2018 - Kim Gray

There's not a person we have met who hasn't in some way been touched by cancer.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to hang on to hope.  For the organizers and fans of the Hot Shoe 100, “Hope is our Driver.”

The “Hot Shoe 100” race started as a fundraising idea for the Northern Michigan Cancer Crusaders, conceived by racing fans and drivers in the Gray family (Kim Gray and Bud Gray and families, known as the “Gray Crew”) of Petoskey, Michigan.  We are an all-volunteer organization, each of whom has been in some way affected by cancer.  None of our volunteers receive any compensation for the organization and management of this event.

The Gray Crew banded together and organized the initial race in 2014, which was a single day event that attracted 42 open-wheel modifieds and a total of 70 race cars and teams.  This first race was driven primarily by raffle tickets sold before the event.  Proceeds from the event were donated to the Northern Michigan Cancer Crusaders, a non-profit organization that assists cancer patients and their families.  The second, third and fourth annual events grew exponentially, resulting in a multi-day race weekend that was honored to be called the “biggest modified show in the Midwest.”

Fast forward to the current day, and the Annual Hot Shoe 100 is now known as the “biggest modified show in the nation,” averaging between 55 to 65 open-wheeled modifieds and around 120 cars across all classes. 

Since its inauguration, we have continued to partner with cancer charities who provide direct assistance to local cancer patients and their families and friends caring for loved ones.  Because we are also passionate about our military, and many of us are veterans or family members of veterans, we also partnered with local military veteran groups.  The Annual Hot Shoe 100 now supports both cancer charities and local veterans charities.  Since we started the Hot Shoe 100, we have donated over $37,000 to the Northern Michigan Cancer Crusaders, donated to The Legion Riders of the American Legion, donated to the Whittemore Speedway Scholarship Fund that awards scholarships to local children, and made many other individual donations to families impacted by cancer.

The Hot Shoe 100 has been successful in large part because of the generous support from local communities and businesses.  Our first year, we received cash and donations of services from local companies.  Donations and sponsorships have grown each year, which included goods and service from Ginop Sales of Alanson, Odawa Casino Resort, the local stores of NAPA, Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot, and many individuals and race teams.  This year’s race also included 35 donated bicycles that were given, at the race, to local children in need.

Thank you for your continued support, and for helping give cancer patients and their families hope.

What this race will do for the cancer fighters

A portion of the proceeds, in addition to other fundraisers throughout the year, will directly support our programs, our charity partners, and benefit cancer patients and their families.

Meet the Team

The Hot Shoe 100 is the brain child of the Gray family of Northern Michigan.  Known as the "Gray Crew," this large racing family, along with extended family and friends, raise money for local cancer charities.  None receive any compensation save for the satisfaction of helping families have Hope.

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